What colour is a green house?

Answer If you are talking about the structure in which plants are grown, it will be the color of the frame. I have seen white and green. Otherwise, it is transparent. I know of one particular greenhouse/h... Read More »

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What colour top goes best with a olive green colour skirt ?

Dark Red, Lighter shades of blue and black goes very well.You should know one thing. Women are symbol of fashion. Any mix and match you wear is good. But if you feel the matching doesn't look good... Read More »

POLL: What colour do you prefer to wear, red or green ?

Green............. but l been told l look Hot in Red.......... Mmm.

What colour goes with lime green?

hot pinkaquamarineaquababy blue orwhite any of those colors with lime green would look really cool ! hope you like them !

What is the best colour eyshadow to wear on green eyes?

I have always hear violet shadow for green eyes.Peace!