What colors should I get with my braces ?

Answer Bright colors are nice, but I wouldn't suggest anything that would make people look at you in a picture or something and be confused. Like yellow...yellow would NOT be a good color because chances ... Read More »

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What colors should I get for my braces!!?

I wouldn't go with black, because it tends to make your teeth look black or icky. If you want your teeth to POP, & be noticeable go with like an aqua or light blue, I think it would be pretty, Also... Read More »

What colors should i get for braces?

DO NOT GET WHITE! JUST DON'T DO IT LOL! White shows that your teeth arn't all that white. Unless your teeth are bleach white, don't do white. Lavender and teal sounds good, but those colors kind of... Read More »

What Braces Colors Should I Get?

What colors should i get on my braces?

I think that silver actually looks really cool :)