What colors Should I Get Put Into My Braces Brackets?

Answer I am a girl and nearly 12 years and i am having braces in June yyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy i have also been looking what colour brackets i should have and i have narrowed it down to Teal and Pink or Te... Read More »

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Braces Vs. Brackets?

In writing, it is often unclear when to use braces or brackets to separate information in a sentence. They seem to be used interchangeably, which causes the confusion; however, there are rules that... Read More »

One of my brackets for my braces fell off! Help!?

if the wires aren't on then the brackets are useless. keep it out of your mouth and in a bag so you don't choke on it by accident. just wait until tuesday and bring the bracket in the bag.

One of the brackets on my braces fell off?

Set up an appointment with the orthodontist, yes! But, 5 days is long enough to really ruin your vacation if that wire is cutting into your cheek. I am a Licensed Dental Assistant, and I helped my ... Read More »

Why are my brackets popping off (braces)?

Sounds like the orthodontist's mistake! Like they didn't hold that light on it long enough to actually dry them on there. I would try to get back in to see him/her right away. My orthodontist took ... Read More »