What color uniforms did the confederates use?

Answer The American Civil War, which lasted from April 1861 to April 1865, divided the country into two camps: the Confederate States and the United States. Confederate soldiers wore gray uniforms that i... Read More »

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What color are U.S. Army uniforms?

As of 2010, the United States Army Service combat uniform is a green and brown camouflage jacket and trousers. The Army service dress uniform is a dark blue jacket and blue trousers. In 2008, the A... Read More »

What color are arsenal uniforms?

The English Premier League's Arsenal Football Club has several jerseys, including red home jerseys, blue away jerseys and white third jerseys. The goalkeepers' jerseys are yellow. All Arsenal jerse... Read More »

Are 6-color desert camouflage uniforms still used by the US military?

Which uniforms Navy officers are required to wear inside the White House service or dress uniforms?

This is a bit vague. If you are asking if a higher ranking service member in the Air Force can give orders to a service member in the Army, then yes, to a certain extent. All service personnel are... Read More »