Would I get laughed at for taking a pic wearing a red thong?

Answer No, but you will be flooded with sexual advances from the ladies in the Parenting section.

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When should I start wearing a thong?

Haha it's up to you! Most girls wear thongs to look super mature in front of their friends, but in my opinion they are kinda slutty looking :/ I'm 14 too! I have thongs, but I really hardly ever we... Read More »

Going to the Beach, do you prefer wearing a bikini,a thong, 1 piece, topless or naked?

I do the bikini thing... but when my boyfriend and I go vacation on a private beach I'll wear nothing... except him ;-)Girl... we are cosmic twins!!

What color thong goes best with black pleather buttless chaps?

If you are wearing that then I would prefer not having to go through the turmoil of having to remove any extra clothing.

What color underwear are you wearing?

Mine are a coral flower pattern in the low rise bikini cut by VS. I love their boyshorts too, they make my bootay look divine.