When should I start wearing a thong?

Answer Haha it's up to you! Most girls wear thongs to look super mature in front of their friends, but in my opinion they are kinda slutty looking :/ I'm 14 too! I have thongs, but I really hardly ever we... Read More »

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Would I get laughed at for taking a pic wearing a red thong?

No, but you will be flooded with sexual advances from the ladies in the Parenting section.

Going to the Beach, do you prefer wearing a bikini,a thong, 1 piece, topless or naked?

I do the bikini thing... but when my boyfriend and I go vacation on a private beach I'll wear nothing... except him ;-)Girl... we are cosmic twins!!

What color thong goes best with black pleather buttless chaps?

If you are wearing that then I would prefer not having to go through the turmoil of having to remove any extra clothing.

What color are you wearing right now?

pink tank and white shorts....eff it, stay up for a while longer...sleep is overrated!!!WTF, you people don't like my outfit or something?