What color sunscreen works best?

Answer On One Hand: Physical Protection Works Like ClothingSunscreen, whether it is chemical or physical, usually comes in a white color. But physical protectors, like zinc oxide or titanium oxide, do not... Read More »

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What is different between regular sunscreen and sport sunscreen?

Some of the ingredients for sure, so you're reacting allergic to it. It might be that there is some stuff inside to prevent sweating so much when making sports and this causes your reaction.Why not... Read More »

How Henna Hair Color Works?

The recommended replacement interval for the spark plugs in your Mercury Sable is 48 months or 60,000 miles, whichever is reached first. Today's modern spark plugs are designed to provide years of ... Read More »

Which color works best for solar heating?

Black is the color that works best for solar heating because it absorbs the most solar radiation. Dark to medium dark colors also work well. It also helps to have the solar collection surface face ... Read More »

What mermaid spell only works on full moon you can choose your color tail and you can choose your power?

Honestly, mermaids don't exist. If you want to become a mermaid your only shot is going to the costume store. Hey, at least you get to pick the color of your tail lolBTW the spell is:1. go jump i... Read More »