What color suit should i wear to an interview?

Answer On One Hand: Men Should Wear Conservative ColorsAccording to Career Services at Virginia Tech, men should wear conservative suit colors such as navy or dark gray. You can also wear a very subtle pl... Read More »

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Do women have to wear a suit for an interview?

On One Hand: A Suit Provides the Most Professional LookA suit provides a professional look that is difficult to match. You can be certain that if you are wearing a suit, you will be attired appropr... Read More »

Should you wear a suit or sport coat to an interview?

On One Hand: Look Like a ProfessionalA suit conveys professionalism, seriousness of purpose and respect for the organization and the people doing the interviewing. A suit is the universally accepte... Read More »

What is the best color(s) to wear for a job interview?

I agree with HB, dress for the type of job you are applying for. A good professional looking pair of slacks is a great addition to any wardrobe from about 20 on up. Pin-striping makes for a lovely ... Read More »

What color suit should one wear to a wedding?

On One Hand: Conventional WisdomThe 17th Edition of Emily Post's famed "Etiquette" specifies that any dark-colored suit is acceptable, unless the invitation indicates that it is a black tie event (... Read More »