What color should your urine be?

Answer Clear means you don't have enough nutrients or your kidneys are not functioning properly but dark yellow means you're not getting enough water. It should be just slightly yellow.

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What color is cat urine?

Cat urine ranges in color from light yellow to dark amber, according to "The Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians." Feline urine is transparent and free of turbidity. Changes in color or tu... Read More »

Urine color?

The cup would be the better indicator of your actual urine color as it is pure urine and undiluted by other liquids.Remember that color can also be affected at times by diet and vitamin supplements... Read More »

When pregnant what color is your urine and how often do you have to pee?

Answer Your urine is exactly the same color. Early in pregnancy (before 12 weeks) you may need to pee little and often as the uterus presses on your bladder. After 12 weeks it rises out of the p... Read More »

Why is the urine dark in color?

Oxidised form of uric acid is released as "pee/urine/piss(whatever you call it)" So you need to drink more water, for it to be lighter/ clearer. Doctors recommend 8-10 cups of water, however i try ... Read More »