What color should you paint your house to sell it?

Answer On One Hand: Learning From DisneyThe "Disneyland" theory of home sales suggests that the more colorful the exterior of the home, the happier your buyer will feel. For the interior, consider the pur... Read More »

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What color should I paint my house Suggestions?

light blue brick red door and dark blue shutters

What color or colors should I paint my house?

The use of color is also something very personal. It stimulates our senses, power our mood, and helps create a particular ambiance. How we respond to an individual color depends on our nature, extr... Read More »

If you had just built a castle wall around your house, what color would you paint ?

I wouldn't paint it. Paint on concrete chips after time and will turn into an eventual nightmare. I would look into some possible stains or let it weather naturally.

Should you sell or rent your house?

On One Hand: Selling is SaferSelling your home means cash in hand as soon as the sale is made. This cash can go toward purchasing a new home, servicing other debt or simple spending. The dollar amo... Read More »