What color should transmission fluid be?

Answer Transmission fluid should be a transparent red or pink color. If your fluid is darker colored or opaque it is time to get the transmission flushed.SourceFamily Car transmission page

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What color is Nissan transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid for all vehicles, including Nissans, is a form of hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid in modern automobiles is dyed red so it can be easily identified. The red color allows drivers ... Read More »

How Often Should Brake Fluid & Transmission Fluid Be Checked?

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How often should brake fluid&transmission fluid be checked?

On One Hand: Schedule Routine InspectionsThe brake fluid level in your car should stay static, so it isn't really necessary to check it often. Consult the manual of your vehicle for how often you s... Read More »

What kind of transmission fluid should I use?

Transmission fluid is the connection between the transmission and the engine as it works to lubricate and cool the system. Maintaining and choosing the appropriate transmission is crucial in preser... Read More »