What color eyeshadow should I wear tomorrow?

Answer 80's era blue!

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What should I wear the first day tomorrow?

Just be yourself. if thats what u feel comftroble in go for it. im the girly girl type and not everyone likes it :P i rly dont care thats what i like to wer so i do. dont try to change for people. ... Read More »

What should I wear tomorrow?

If you have blonde hair, definatly the grey tee outfit. Brown or red would be the blue one. Black and other colors would be cool with the grey and white. Blue one you should wear it half up or a p... Read More »

What should I wear to school tomorrow?

Wear what ever makes you feel comftorable . :) thats what i do.

Can I wear this to orientation tomorrow?

No. I live in New York and to me, that is a little chilly. I think its okay.