What color shorts would look good with this top?

Answer Brown, white, black, and even jean shorts would look great. It's really a pretty versatile top, if you ask me.

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What color jeans, chinos or shorts go with beige shoes?

The classic blue and black. And white too :) x

What color shirt to wear with black and pink shorts?

How to Look Good in Shorts?

To look good in shorts, you'll need to try out a variety of styles and find the one that works best with your body type. Of course, it never hurts to pay extra attention to grooming the skin on you... Read More »

What if your boyfriend and you were dry-humping with his boxers on and your shorts and underwear on and a clear liquid is on the girls shorts is there a chance of pregnancy?

No there is not, Semen can not pass through clothing, though the liquid that holds them can. As long as there is one article of clothing in between the semen and the vagina there will be no pregnancy.