What color roof should i do if my siding is green?

Answer On One Hand: Hard to Go Wrong with GreenChoosing a roof color for your house can often be a difficult decision, especially because of how long you will have to live with the choice you make. Be ca... Read More »

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How do I pick roof and siding color?

Look AroundDrive around neighborhoods nearby and look at the various color combinations. Take pictures of the houses and take notes about the colors you like.SamplesLook at siding and roofing samp... Read More »

How to Install Vinyl Siding at an Angle to the Roof?

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding materials in the United States. Improvements upon the original technology have made vinyl siding more attractive and durable; and the product's afford... Read More »

How do I clean green stains on vinyl siding?

Prep the Cleaning SuppliesMix water and a mild detergent in one bucket and water (70 percent) and vinegar (30 percent) in another. Place cleaning tools such as a soft-bristled brush, non-abrasive s... Read More »

Should you paint the ceiling and trim the same but darker green color when painting the wall a light natural green?

Traditional decorating thought says you should not paint a ceiling anything but white. Don't listen... but do be aware of what effect you will get. 1) If your walls are a light natural green and ... Read More »