What color ribbon is for brain cancer?

Answer A gray ribbon is for brain cancer. These types of ribbons are displayed by people to help raise awareness of medical conditions that affect people. Gray also represents diabetes, Parkinson's diseas... Read More »

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What does each cancer color ribbon mean?

Different-color ribbons are a way organizers and supporters have worked to raise cancer awareness. However, since there are so many different colors, it can be difficult to keep track of what they ... Read More »

What color ribbon is for colon cancer?

Colon cancer awareness ribbons are typically brown; although, they may also be dark blue. Awareness ribbons are worn to show support for a particular cause or group, and may be personalized with ei... Read More »

What color ribbon is for lung cancer?

Lung cancer awareness ribbons are different colors depending on the particular reason a person has lung cancer. Smokers and supporters of smokers typically wear pearl awareness ribbons, while nonsm... Read More »

What color ribbon is for Kidney Cancer Green or Orange?

I am getting a tattoo for my 7 yr. old grandson who has kidney cancer and found on Chacha that the Kidney Cancer Association has recently changed it from green to orange.