What color represents sadness?

Answer On One Hand: Blue Can Represent SadnessJust about everyone has heard the phrase "got the blues." The color blue has a long history of representing sadness and depression. However, it can also repr... Read More »

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What color represents the 50th anniversary?

Gold is the traditional color for the 50th anniversary. Gold represents brilliance, power, wealth and beauty. It also signifies the hope for a more refined and perfect understanding of love. Gemsto... Read More »

What color represents the negative pole in gel electrophoresis?

Gel electrophoresis is the process of separating biological molecules, such as DNA or proteins. The equipment used for separation carries an electrical charge, and thus has a positive and negative ... Read More »

How to Let out Your Sadness?

Has something bad happened? Have you locked up your problems all day and felt the sadness almost pouring out? Once you get home, follow my tips to let it all out and be happy once again.

How to Overcome Sadness?

We all have bad days, but don't let them ruin how you feel about yourself or others. Bad is what we assume that something bad is going to be the result, but believe in whatever bad happened to us w... Read More »