What color paint looks good with oak?

Answer On One Hand: Highlight the WoodOak furniture, cabinets, banisters and picture frames have some of the most beautiful wood grain available, and solid oak is an expensive investment. When you have o... Read More »

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What color of paint will look good..?

Maybe, just a pale green, with some gold border decoration around it? It would go well, seeing as most of the room is olive and gold and maybe, it would help pull it all together. As for the carpet... Read More »

What is a good paint color for a bedroom?

It depends on what mood you wish to achieve for your bedroom. Different colors are said to have different effects on the human psychology. For more information, you might like to look up “color p... Read More »

Would.this paint color look good with my room?

So many bright colors in the fabrics you should tone down the wall color. A pale grey or sand color would play off the animal print. Drop the hot pink if you want your room to look more sophisticated.

What's a good color to paint a bedroom?

Although people find it too dark or diffucult to do, navy is a wonderful color.Like this color:… (except your choice of furniture).Red is always fun to do... Read More »