What color of wood stain brings out the grain best?

Answer On One Hand: Light StainsLight stains give a very natural finish to light colored wood. Colors like Puritan pine or golden oak can emphasise the grain in both hardwoods and in softwoods. When deali... Read More »

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What is used on porous wood/open grain wood to help even out stain colors?

Stain colors on open grain wood can be evened out with the use of two products. The Hardwood Council recommends that you mix fillers with the stain to fill in the pores. You can also use glazes aft... Read More »

How do I strip/remove a thick layer of finish and stain wood a darker color?

disassemble the bed,...headboard, footboard , 2 railsGet a long denim work apron. a long sleeved shirt you don't care about, old shoes,rubber gloves ( the heavy refinishing kind that Formby sells) ... Read More »

The Best Way to Stain Wood?

The color of the wood stain you use is a matter of personal taste. As many are attracted to opaque stains, wood furniture with an attractive grain would be a waste of a design element if covered up... Read More »

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