What color of paint goes with gray?

Answer On One Hand: Gray is NeutralGray is a soft and subtle color to paint with, and as far as matching it with other colors, it is basically neutral. Like white, gray can be matched with almost any col... Read More »

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What color do you get when you mix red&gray paint?

Adding white paint makes an original paint color lighter, while adding black darkens an existing color. The addition of gray to a color, such as red, will either lighten or darken the color. The co... Read More »

What Paint Color Looks Good With a Gray Countertop?

Gray is a neutral color that matches most other colors, depending on its shade. It is a conservative color that blends well with both warm and cool colors. On a countertop, it hides most wear and t... Read More »

What color of exterior paint matches a gray roof?

On One Hand: Go NeutralWhites, grays, and some brown tones would match a gray roof. The darker the gray of the roof, the darker or more saturated the color of the exterior paint should be. For exam... Read More »

What color should I paint the bedroom with a blue and brown comforter. THe carpet is medium gray?