What color of makeup should you wear?

Answer The color of make up you wear should accentuate not overtake your natural skin color. For foundations, choose colors that seemingly blend with your skin, not ones that look like you've caked on a d... Read More »

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What Color Makeup to Wear With Ivory?

Ivory is a cooler variation of cream with a bluish undertone but can range into brown, depending on the particular manufacturer. Popular for wedding dresses and formals, ivory is a neutral color th... Read More »

What Color Makeup Should I Wear for My Skin Tone?

Choosing the right makeup products for one's complexion and overall skin tone is imperative to one's complete look. Does this Spark an idea?

Do guys like girls who wear makeup more than if they were to wear no makeup?

no i like girls that are all natural cause if you need make-up to look pretty your not for me...sorry if that's shallow but i am a little the answer for me is i like girls with NO make... Read More »

What color should my maid of honor wear at my wedding if i wear coral?

On One Hand: Go With a NeutralCoral is a rather unconventional wedding gown color, so the maid of honor should wear a neutral color that won't overpower the coral color. White goes with everything,... Read More »