What color of lip gloss should i use?

Answer If your tanned then go for a sheer red or a light pink- they both go with blue eyes

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Wat color lip gloss do u like?

What Is Color Gloss for Hair?

Many hair colors fade quickly. A color gloss can help your color last longer while conditioning your hair and adding shine at the same time. Does this Spark an idea?

Can you mix a semi-gloss paint with a satin of the same color?

You sure can, as long as both products are latex based or both are oil based, etc... The mixed result will also have a different sheen than both of the originals, so make sure that you have enough... Read More »

If you paint high gloss acrylic over high gloss oil on the trim will it peel off?

Answer the high gloss acrylic would bead up and not give you an even application over the oil based