What color of lip gloss should i use?

Answer If your tanned then go for a sheer red or a light pink- they both go with blue eyes

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What Is Color Gloss for Hair?

Many hair colors fade quickly. A color gloss can help your color last longer while conditioning your hair and adding shine at the same time. Does this Spark an idea?

Wat color lip gloss do u like?

Can you mix a semi-gloss paint with a satin of the same color?

You sure can, as long as both products are latex based or both are oil based, etc... The mixed result will also have a different sheen than both of the originals, so make sure that you have enough... Read More »

What KIND of paint should I get for the ceilings and walls (ex: semi-gloss, satin, etc...)?

Interesting question. The biggest problem you run into with paint-the higher the gloss, the more it shows imperfections in the wall. This includes screw or nail marks, taping joints, etc. If you... Read More »