What color of flooring matches cherry cabinets?

Answer On One Hand: Light Wood FlooringCherry wood cabinets can range in color from a light cherry wood to a very deep, dark red color. Pairing light-color flooring, such as oak, pecan or aspen wood, is a... Read More »

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What color of hardwood flooring goes with cherry cabinets?

On One Hand: Choose a Light Wood FloorCherry cabinets are medium to dark in color and will get darker with time and sun exposure. A light-colored floor with some warm tones creates a cozy look. Con... Read More »

What kind of flooring goes well with cherry kitchen cabinets?

On One Hand: Wood for WoodKeeping in mind that natural cherry darkens slightly over time, using a lighter color wood, such as maple or birch, will brighten a room and make the cherry cabinets stand... Read More »

What color granite will match cherry cabinets?

On One Hand: Darker Colors for CozinessAccording to Amy Wax, author of "Can't Fail Color Schemes," color can "visually tie together all the elements, materials and surfaces of the room." After cons... Read More »

The Best Color Granite With Cherry Cabinets & Black Wooden Floors?

Cherry wood cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen add warmth to the space and are available in a number of finishes to match your decorative preferences and additional items in the area. Black wooden... Read More »