What color of carpet should you use with a cream leather suite?

Answer On One Hand: Choose Dark ColorsIf the desire is to have the cream leather suite stand out and become the room's focus, choose a darker carpet than the furniture, such as beige or tan. The eye will ... Read More »

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What color should i paint my living room with choclate leather couches?

Choose just one wall and paint it a light brown, or dark beige, and the remaining walls light beige.

What Color Sofa Should I Get With Cream Walls & Blue Curtains?

If you're being sued after an auto accident, you may not want to defend yourself. Simply plead no contest -- or guilty, if you prefer -- and prepare to pay the judgment against you. There are a few... Read More »

What color should I paint the bedroom with a blue and brown comforter. THe carpet is medium gray?

How do you change the color of a leather sofa from cream to dark brown?