What color mixtures give a golden color in acrylic paints?

Answer A luminous golden tint may be achieved with acrylics by mixing one part Naphthol Red with fifty parts Hansa Yellow. The rich red provides a warmth to gild the yellow tint.Source:Golden Paints: Colo... Read More »

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How to Mix Paints to Achieve a Color?

If you need a specific color of paint for a project, rather than purchasing a new can of paint, you can mix similar types of paint together to achieve the color you need. You can stretch paints thi... Read More »

How to Use Water Color Paints?

Watercolors originated in Great Britain during the late 15th century, when water-soluble paints were used on parchments. Nowadays, watercolor painting is a popular art form with both amateur and pr... Read More »

How do you mix paints to create your own custom color?

Mixing Paints This depends on what color you want. Generally speaking, start with a color that's close to what you want. It's easier if you start with one that's a little lighter, rather than darke... Read More »

How to Hand Color Photos Using Marshall Oil Paints?

Coloring black-and-white photographs can create beautiful pieces of art. Marshall's oil paints for photographs are a transparent, oil-based paint. The transparency allows the original photo to show... Read More »