What color matches yellow?

Answer On One Hand: Consider the Complementary ColorColor harmony can be achieved in several ways. One way is to find two colors that sit directly opposite each other on a standard 12-part color wheel. Ye... Read More »

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How to Find a Paint Color That Matches the Color Already on My Walls?

Any time repairs are done to your walls--such as filling in a scratch or crack, repairing a pipe leak or fixing an electrical problem--repainting the affected area is part of the process. If you li... Read More »

What color matches green?

What color matches pewter?

On One Hand: Good Matches for PewterPewter's soft and neutral color means it matches well with strong colors that add contrast. Dark red, brown, orange, purple and blue match the slightly dull hue... Read More »

What color matches turquoise best?

On One Hand: Pair It with Similar ShadesIt's always safe to pair turquoise with similar and related colors such as aqua, teal and most shades of blue and green. You can also keep your look simple b... Read More »