What color marble dust is needed to achieve a deep blue pool color?

Answer Answer medium gray

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What color Sharpie is needed to change orange thread to blue?

Blue is a primary color, which means no two colors can be mixed to create blue. If orange thread is covered with ink from a blue permanent marker, the result will be a brown color.Source:University... Read More »

How do you stain the plaster of a swimming pool a blue-green color?

Answer Do you want to stain the pool these colors? Or have you already done this thru lack of knowledge of swimming pool chemistry? If the latter, you have grossly added too much muriatic or dry a... Read More »

How do you get a swimming pool to have that clear blue color you typically see in nice pools?

Answer I have found with communicating with other pool owners that the color of your liner has alot to do with the water color. My pool is blue and white which gives the water that tint. If you hav... Read More »

Is that true that the color of pure water in a white plastered swimming pool should be blue?

%REPLIES% Answer If I understand the question, the reason for the blue in the pool water is actually the reflection of the blue sky. You will notice on an overcast day you see the white of the pla... Read More »