What color laser is used in a cd drive?

Answer CD drives operate a 780-nanometer laser diode that emits a light ray that's near infrared levels, according to Drexel University, making it invisible to the naked eye. Drives that read both CDs and... Read More »

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What color laser beam does a blue ray drive use?

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What color was the first laser?

The first optical laser was created on July 7, 1960, at the Hughes Research Facility in California by Theodore Maiman. The laser was red in color, and was called a "ruby laser," as it was reflected... Read More »

What type of laser is used in a CD drive?

Every CD drive has a tiny laser diode inside. This electronic component measures a few millimeters on a side and puts out a modest beam of about one milliwatt (one thousandth of a watt) in strength... Read More »