Is it true that if you are more hydrated your blood is lighter in color?

Answer Not lighter, thinner.

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What is the true color of our Blood?

In humans and other hemoglobin-using creatures, oxygenated blood is a bright red in color. Deoxygenated blood is a darker shade of red, which can be seen during blood donation and when venous blood... Read More »

If your blood group is B rh positive does that mean one of your parents blood groups will be the same?

The reason that you are coughing out blood when you cough hard is because when you cough hard, you damge the veins in your lungs which release blood, and as the blood needs to gos somewhere it goes... Read More »

When they take your blood during your first appointment and after a pap smear to confirm the pregnancy is there a certain point they would test for STI's in your blood?

Answer The blood tests and the smear will both show STIs and if you weren't told this when they were done you should find another health care provider as as far as I am aware doing these tests wit... Read More »

What color tube top is for a chemistry blood screen test?

A chemistry blood screen is typically drawn in a yellow-top gel barrier tube. This test can also be drawn into a red-top tube, with or without a gel barrier. The gel barrier increases the speed a... Read More »