Which wood makes the hottest fire?

Answer A test conducted showed that maple wood was the hottest burning wood, with a temperature gain of 13.76 degrees Celsius. The longest-burning wood was oak, which burned 29 minutes in the same experi... Read More »

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What color shows the hottest temperature in thermal imaging?

Depending on the type of device used, thermal imaging can be in black and white or in color. In both cases, the hottest temperatures appear to be white. In black and white imaging, cold objects are... Read More »

How to Color Fire?

Coloring fire makes a great affect at a parties as it is cool, weird, odd, and the science of it and the visual fascinates every age group and gender.

How to Change the Color of Fire?

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Nook Color or Kindle Fire?

Hey Keren, Nook Color is one year old while Nook Tablet (which is Nook Color 2) is as new as Kindle Fire. I have Nook Tablet and I also checked out Kindle Fire at BestBuy - Nook is much better in ... Read More »