What color is the good luck sign in chinese culture?

Answer Many concepts are associated with good luck in Chinese culture, and visual representations of those lucky concepts are commonly paired with the colors of red, gold or yellow. This association is co... Read More »

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Are turtles bad luck in chinese culture?

At one time, turtles were considered good and even worshiped, according to Taiwan Panorama. In modern times, some parts of Chinese culture consider turtles bad luck and sometimes even use them to p... Read More »

Chinese Art & Culture?

The history of the arts in the region that, in 2010, comprises the People's Republic of China and Taiwan dates back thousands of years and includes some the earliest known works of painting, sculpt... Read More »

How old is the Chinese culture?

Chinese culture as documented through written records is at least 3,300 years old, and prehistorical cultural artifacts date back about 4,500 years. The earliest Chinese dynasty appears to be the X... Read More »

Activities About the Chinese Culture?

One of the world's oldest and largest civilizations, China is home to almost a fifth of the world's population, with just over 1.3 billion inhabitants as of 2011. With a vast, complex history and a... Read More »