What color is the cue ball in pool?

Answer Cue balls come in a plain white color. They are made with different materials and are struck by a player in order to hit the colored balls in games like pool and snooker.Source:World Pool-Billiard ... Read More »

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What type of 7 ball was used on ESPN sudden death 7 ball pool tournaments?

Colorful plants for around my swimming pool. Tired of the plan green look. I want some color by the pool.?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEPlants by the pool.#1 RULE... NO LITTER.#2 RULE... NOTHING SHARP OR POINTY.#3 RULE... NO LITTER & NOTHING SHARP OR POINTY.(No Lantana! It is a litter bug & the foli... Read More »

If you added pool care shock to your pool with hard water and it turned a brownish color how can you fix it?

AnswerI added a copper-based algecide to our pool. Then 12 hours later, I shocked to pool. Our pool water turned a chocolate brown. What happended was the algecide was copper-based, and the copper ... Read More »

What color marble dust is needed to achieve a deep blue pool color?