What color is the coonhound?

Answer Coonhounds come in a variety of colors. The United Kennel Club recognizes 6 different types of Coonhounds: Black and Tan, Bluetick, English, Plott, Redbone, and Treeing Walker. The coloring on coon... Read More »

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What is a coonhound bred from?

Coonhounds aren't bred from a combination of dogs but instead are purebred, and come from six different purebred breeds: Treeing Walker, Bluetick, English, Redbone, Black and Tan and Plott hound. T... Read More »

Coonhound Care?

A coonhound is a type of working dog that people use to catch and retrieve raccoons. Coonhounds are social dogs that can serve as companions or be used primarily for hunting and retrieving purposes... Read More »

How to Train Your Coonhound?

Coonhounds were developed to hunt animals that climb trees when pursued, such as possums, bobcats and raccoons. Coonhounds are scent hounds that sniff out their prey, following the trail to the ani... Read More »

How Do I Compare Dog Foods for a Coonhound Dog?

A coonhound is a hard-working dog. A pack of coonhounds often runs the trail of a coon for several hours a night, swims rivers and fights a coon when necessary. All of this activity burns an extrao... Read More »