What Do the Colors on the Jamaican Flag Mean?

Answer On Aug. 6, 1962, Jamaica's national flag made its official debut, marking the Caribbean island's political independence after more than 400 years of successive Spanish and British rule. Christened ... Read More »

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Whats the difference between Jamaican Dumpling and Jamaican Johnnycake?

Yes, I have tried and loved them.The first major difference is that dumplings can be boiled or fried and johnny cakes are always fried. (I will note that I have seen a healthier recipe where the j... Read More »

Which African country's flag is nothing more than a single color& what color is it?

That would be Libya, a country in northern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea. The color of the flag is green and, according to Maps of the World, was adopted by that country in 1977. Green represents... Read More »

What does the color red mean in the U.S. flag?

The red on the official flag of the United States symbolizes valor and bravery, according to the United States Government Printing Office. The blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice, w... Read More »

What does the color red mean on the guyana flag?

The flag of Guyana has five colors in it. The red represents the vitality and exuberance of the people of Guyana. The flag was adopted in 1966 and is known as the "The Golden Arrowhead."Source:Guya... Read More »