What color is rear limited slip differential fluid?

Answer The oil that is used for a vehicle's limited slip differential is similar in appearance to traditional oil products. That being said, oil suppliers often mix specific additives in with certain prod... Read More »

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What color is rear differential fluid?

Rear differential fluid looks very similar to transmission fluid. It is a reddish, light brown or black fluid, depending on its age. It is thicker in consistency than transmission fluid. Leaks woul... Read More »

What does limited slip differential mean?

The differential in a car lets the wheels turn at different speeds. This is necessary when turning corners. The outside wheel is turning faster than the inside. If the wheels receiving force from t... Read More »

How to Determine if a Differential is Limited Slip?

Your vehicle's differential allows the wheels on each side of an axle to rotate at different speeds. When turning corners, the inside turn radius is smaller than the outside. If the wheels were fix... Read More »

What Is Rear Differential Fluid for?

Rear differential fluid lubricates gears in the differential that allow the rear wheels to turn at different speeds while cornering. In all-wheel-drive vehicles, differential fluid is used in the t... Read More »