What color is rear differential fluid?

Answer Rear differential fluid looks very similar to transmission fluid. It is a reddish, light brown or black fluid, depending on its age. It is thicker in consistency than transmission fluid. Leaks woul... Read More »

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What color is rear limited slip differential fluid?

The oil that is used for a vehicle's limited slip differential is similar in appearance to traditional oil products. That being said, oil suppliers often mix specific additives in with certain prod... Read More »

What Is Rear Differential Fluid for?

Rear differential fluid lubricates gears in the differential that allow the rear wheels to turn at different speeds while cornering. In all-wheel-drive vehicles, differential fluid is used in the t... Read More »

How to Add Fluid to a Rear Differential?

Differential gears on vehicles turn the angle of drive energy ninety degrees to rotate the wheels. These gears are housed inside a casing at the center of the rear axle, and you must remove the cas... Read More »

How to Replace Rear Differential Fluid?

The differential on your vehicle redirects the power produced by the engine to the drive wheels. The differential reroutes this power via a ring gear and a pinion gear. Because these two gears mesh... Read More »