How to Use Pewter Color?

Answer Pewter is a dark gray color historically associated with silver and tin. First manufactured in the heart of Europe in the mid-1700s, pewter colored products -- such as plates and mugs -- became ver... Read More »

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What kind of color is pewter?

Pewter isn't just a color--it's a gray metal not unlike dull silver. The dark, burnished look of pewter gives it an old-world appeal, and its similarity to silver makes it ideal for knick-knacks, f... Read More »

What color matches pewter?

On One Hand: Good Matches for PewterPewter's soft and neutral color means it matches well with strong colors that add contrast. Dark red, brown, orange, purple and blue match the slightly dull hue... Read More »

What color is antique pewter?

Antique pewter ranges in color, but is generally a silver color. The silver can range from metallic to muted in tone. Sometimes, depending on the makeup of the pewter, it can also take on a golde... Read More »

What family is the color pewter in?

Pewter, a muted silver-gray color, is in the neutral color family. The true neutral colors are pure black, pure white and grays. Neutral colors can be divided into two categories: cool neutrals, wh... Read More »