What color is petition orange?

Answer The color "petition orange" is technically not a color name. According to the Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary, the name for the orange color originated form the Angle-French word "orrange" or "... Read More »

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How do i file a petition for the guardianship of a parent in orange county, florida?

Filing Appropriate PapersGo to the Orange County, Fla., court house and file a petition to allow the courts to determine if the individual being identified is really incapacitated.County ProcessWai... Read More »

Ihave yellow or orange stains on white fiberglass shower and plastic shower doors you even get an orange tint to your hair after you spend 80 dollars to color it What is causing this and what do you d?

sounds like rust in your water you can try a whole house water filter, most of them will remove rust from the waterIf you have a water softener, purchase a product called "Iron Out" to add to the ... Read More »

What if the courts petition to take away your parental rights can your spouse file a petition to adopt that child?

No. Anyone adopted over the age of 16 does not automatically get US citizenship. Sorry.

Do you like the color orange?

Only on autumn leaves and pumpkins. The rest of the time, no.