Are you supposed to wear under wear under under armour?

Answer It's not dumb but some people do some people don't i perfer to wear them but some people think it feels better but it seems leggit to wear it

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Do i wear under armour apparel shorts as under wear?

I have "support shorts" for rugby, and they appear to be the same sort of thing, and yes... i wear them as underwear to avoid uncomfortable "bunching up" of material...Also helps it get "not as swe... Read More »

If a llama were to wear lipstick, what color do you think it should wear?

What color should my maid of honor wear at my wedding if i wear coral?

On One Hand: Go With a NeutralCoral is a rather unconventional wedding gown color, so the maid of honor should wear a neutral color that won't overpower the coral color. White goes with everything,... Read More »

What color shoes to wear with a turquoise/aqua color dress?

I would definitely go with black shoes or possibly pink. Not too many colours would go. Beige, tan and even white would look alright but be careful with white shoes because they can often look awfu... Read More »