Room Color Ideas for a Boy's Room?

Answer Boys normally want their rooms to look like a boy actually lives there. They do not want pink, purple or any variation of those colors on their walls or even in their rooms. Boys prefer dark or bol... Read More »

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My favorite color is pink and i need another color that goes with pink to paint my room?

I love the color pink paired up with chocolate brown

What color is the room you are in?

Well, I'm using a desktop computer which is in my bedroom. Two of the walls and the ceiling are white, and the other two walls and closet are sort of a cross between baby blue and soft green... but... Read More »

What color should I get for my room?

I think there are so many purples in your room, even the purples are very trendy color, you need add some light color to make it lovely not boring, how about hanging on romantic pure white curtains... Read More »

What color is your room?