Why are dads called dads?

Answer Because there dad told them

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What is my dads name?

his name is Charlie, no.... not Brown..... your daddy, well, how do I put this..... he is a unicorn.... here is a link to his story......…hope this help... Read More »

What is your dads sister?

Your Father's Sister is called your Aunt.

I broke my dads laptop, what do I do?

I'll make it simple. YOU have a chance of a snowball in hell of fixing it yourself. The display would need to be replaced period.

What are baby p's mom and dads names?

Three people have been convicted of causing the death of 17-month-old Baby P, but only one - Jason Owen - can be named.Owen, 36, from Bromley, Kent, was the lodger of Baby P's mother. Neither she, ... Read More »