What color is liquid oxygen?

Answer The color of liquid oxygen ranges from a very pale blue to a sky blue hue. Oxygen becomes a liquid when its temperature drops below its boiling point. In the liquid form, oxygen is often used for s... Read More »

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What is the color of liquid oxygen?

Liquid oxygen is somewhat difficult to describe. It appears to be a very pale blue in a beaker, but it can almost appear colorless depending on the conditions in the lab.Source:Centers for Disease ... Read More »

Is liquid oxygen flammable?

Liquid oxygen is not flammable, but it will help flammable objects burn more readily. Liquid oxygen is typically stored in an insulated pressure tank in an area with adequate ventilation and away f... Read More »

How much does liquid oxygen weigh?

Liquid oxygen, which is classified as an industrial gas, is commonly used for industrial and medical purposes. The density of liquid oxygen is 1.141 kg/L (kilograms per liter). Converting that to U... Read More »

Is liquid oxygen blue?

Liquid oxygen, also known as LOX, has a pale blue color. Oxygen turns from a gas to a liquid at negative 183 degrees Celsius. Its liquid form is about 4,000 times more dense than its gaseous form, ... Read More »