What color is jet fuel?

Answer Jet fuel has no color, it is clear. It should not be confused with avgas, which has a blueish tint. Avgas is used in small, propeller driven airplanes, while jet fuel is for turbine and turbo-prop... Read More »

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What color is diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel naturally ranges in color from clear to amber. Increased processing to remove sulfur makes the fuel lighter, and can cause it to change color to a light shade of pink, orange, or green.... Read More »

What kind of heating fuel is a dark pink color?

Kerosene, the fed is now dying it.Recent Changes in Kerosene ColorAs of June 30, 1998, the federal government imposed a tax of 24.4 cents per gallon on all clear, water white kerosene. This was don... Read More »

What is the difference between jet fuel&diesel fuel?

The fuels for both jet and diesel engines are very similar in their chemical makeup and ingredients, yet both have specific chemical compositions that heighten performance in their specific types o... Read More »

What color car do you drive What color is the safest color?

i drive a silver ford fusion and i love it like a baby. a white car is the safest color for a car because it is visible in any weather conditions, especially at night. the next safest color is red ... Read More »