What color is indigo blue?

Answer Indigo is a dark color that falls on the color scale somewhere between blue and violet. It can be produced from natural substances or in a lab. It is currently used to dye clothing and for quilting... Read More »

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What color is indigo made up of?

Indigo is the sixth color in the visible spectrum. It falls between blue and purple in the spectrum and therefore is often defined as a mixture of blue and purple. It registers with wavelengths b... Read More »

Is indigo still a color of the rainbow?

Indigo is still considered a color in the rainbow. Many people only recognize six colors--red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. However, indigo fits between blue and purple. When Isaac Newto... Read More »

Is there a color called indigo?

Indigo is a dark purple color between blue and violet in the spectrum. It is sometimes referred to as royal blue, as during the Elizabethan era indigo clothing was a sign of high status.References... Read More »

What is indigo ink made from?

Indigo ink is a blue dye that comes from a plant in the pea family. Its official name is Indigofera. Its leaves are oddly shaped and it yields a red or purple flower, but the color of the ink is a ... Read More »