What color is cedar wood?

Answer Different varieties of cedar exist, but the most popular is the western red cedar, which is reddish brown in color. Other varieties, such as the eastern and northern white cedars, appear lighter in... Read More »

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What is cedar wood?

Cedar is a wood commonly used in construction for siding, flooring and decking as well as structural components. It is touted for its durability and natural protective qualities.StabilityAlthough c... Read More »

Comparison of Fir & Cedar Wood for a Wood Fence?

Wood fences are exposed to both hot and cold weather, are regularly wet and come in contact with the ground. These conditions encourage decay and insect attack in most woods, making them unsuitable... Read More »

What Are the Dangers of Cedar Wood Shavings?

Homeowners can use red cedar chips and wood shavings to solve a variety of problems around the home and garden. Hang cedar chips in bags or scatter them in closets to repel insects, and use them as... Read More »

What color matches cedar siding?

On One Hand: White Is the Preferred ColorA white or off-white paint gives a nice finished look to your house. The light-colored paint lets the wood siding stand out without giving your home a rusti... Read More »