What color is the human blue before the air hits it?

Answer i think you mean blood but it is blue

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Is it true that the blood in a humans vein is actually blue before it gets in contact with oxygen?

Blood is *never* blue. Blood is described as dark red (venous) or bright red (arterial). Our veins look blue because we are looking at them *through* our skin. The blood inside them is dark red ... Read More »

What Happens Before a Tornado Hits?

Tornadoes are violent, destructive storms that wreak havoc and devastation across their paths. Although every tornado will not display the same warning signs before it occurs, certain weather patte... Read More »

What are the vests called that show neon color when light hits it?

I have never been set on fire, but I have been burnt on a stove, and 2nd degree burns from being in the sun too long.2nd Answerer says: Yes, I have.

How is frozen yogurt made before it hits the shops?

Frozen yogurt is very similar to ice cream, but it uses milk instead of cream and has added bacteria cultures. It is considered healthier than ice cream because of its lower fat content.Ingredient... Read More »