Is it true that blood is blue in your body but when it hits the air it turns red?

Answer Kind of. It all has to do with oxygen in the blood. Your arterial blood is red because it has oxygen in it. The lungs oxygenate your blood, it goes through the heart and into the arteries and ge... Read More »

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What color is the human blue before the air hits it?

What are the vests called that show neon color when light hits it?

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Where does oxygen exit the blood?

Oxygen in the blood is sent to the cells of the body before the blood pumped from the heart reaches the brain and other tissues. After the cells receive the oxygen, they send the carbon dioxide int... Read More »

How to Measure Blood Oxygen?

Red blood cells carry oxygen to the organs in the body. The blood oxygen level refers to how full or saturated with oxygen the red blood cells are. A blood oxygen test may be needed if a person has... Read More »