Interesting Facts About the September Birthstone the Sapphire?

Answer The birthstone for September is the hardest stone on earth after the diamond. The most commonly sold and exhibited sapphires are blue in color, but this birthstone can also be found in a darker, mo... Read More »

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What color is November's birthstone?

November's birthstone is citrine, a type of quartz which derives its name from the French word for lemon. The gemstone can vary in color, ranging from light yellow to a deep shade of amber. Yello... Read More »

What color birthstone is October?

October's birthstone is the opal or tourmaline, although opal is more widely gifted. Opals come in many varieties with the main types being black, white and fiery. Black opals are the most rare.Sou... Read More »

What color is the March birthstone?

The birthstone for the month of March is aquamarine, a variety of the mineral beryl. Beryl comes in a variety of colors but only blue or bluish-green are used for March birthstonesSource:Galleries ... Read More »

What color is the january birthstone?

The January birthstone is garnet. The most common color of garnet is red, but garnet actually comes in many different colors. One type of garnet, called grossularite, comes in every color except fo... Read More »