What color is an ermine's winter coat?

Answer The Ermine is a relative of the weasel that lives in Canada, northern United States, Europe and Asia. In winter, its coat is entirely white except for the tip of its tail, which is black. The Ermin... Read More »

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What is the name of this type of winter coat (Pictures included)?

Hello. I believe that the second pic is called a Kimono, but I am certain that the first one is known as a parka, common in cold weather areas, especially Russia.

What Kind of Winter Coat Does a Lady Need to Wear to a Cocktail Party?

Regardless of the event venue, a cocktail party generally requires guests to follow specific dress etiquette. While men wear suits, ladies almost always wear a dress or skirt. When selecting a wint... Read More »

How to Sew a Winter Coat?

Sewing a coat requires basic machine sewing skills. Although it may appear to be difficult, most coats have few pattern pieces and are easy to fit because they do not hug close to the body. When se... Read More »

Winter Coat Styles in 2008?

For winter coat styles in 2008, it was the season of volume. From swing coats to military-style jackets, volume provides the key to the styles in 2008. Skirt-style coats that year gave women waist-... Read More »