Is lip gloss made out of whale sperm?

Answer Yes, actually, it is. The whale farms on the East coast of Canada have developped a way of arousing whales at key moments in the day so that the sperm is completely fresh and will last a long time.... Read More »

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What is the color of sperm?

When a male has an orgasm, or ejaculates, he releases semen which is the fluid that contains sperm. The fluid is normally a whitish, cloudy liquid. The sperm contained in the semen are invisible to... Read More »

What color is sperm?

Sperm are microscopic and cannot be seen with the human eye. When seen under a microscope, sperm resemble tiny white tadpoles with a head and a tail that propels them forward. Semen, which is the... Read More »

What do sperm donor clinics do with the unused sperm?

How do I change color, taste, and amount of my sperm count?

I feed sweet cherries to my hubby and also the blueberries since they are good for the antioxidant effect. It will make your **** taste a little more palatable.Pineapple or fruit cocktail will work... Read More »