What color is a red fox?

Answer The hair color of a red fox can range from light yellow to deep red. Other characteristics of the red fox include a black tail tip and blackened paws. The ears of a red fox might also boast black o... Read More »

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What color car do you drive What color is the safest color?

i drive a silver ford fusion and i love it like a baby. a white car is the safest color for a car because it is visible in any weather conditions, especially at night. the next safest color is red ... Read More »

What color marble dust is needed to achieve a deep blue pool color?

I love Armenian rugs with brownish orengish color... What is your choice of color for a rug?

Which color of vest closely resembles the color of my prom date's dress?

The first, the second looks quilty and cheaply made. But, the first looks very elegant.