What is pickle ball?

Answer According to the official Pickle Ball website, Pickle Ball is a racquet sport played on a badminton sized court. Pickle Ball is played with wooden paddles resembling those used for ping pong and a ... Read More »

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What is a Christmas Pickle?

The Christmas Pickle is a Christmas-time tradition popular among many families. Although many people have heard about the "Christmas Pickle," most people do not understand its history.Identificatio... Read More »

What type of food is a pickle?

A pickle is made from a cucumber, which makes it a fruit because cucumbers have seeds. Botanists call cucumbers fruits because they develop from the reproductive structures of plants. Fruits are th... Read More »

What Causes a Pickle to Glow?

An electrical current is carried from one end of a circuit to another via charged ions. Ions are molecules that are either positively or negatively charged, and are free to move about, or pass elec... Read More »

My head is stuck in a pickle jar and i can't get it out what should i do?

Attach it to a raincoat and then you'll have a spacesuit.