What does"on cloud 9"mean?

Answer The phrase "on cloud nine" means to be in a state of utter happiness and bliss. While the exact origin of the phrase is unknown, one of its earliest mentions in pop culture was by British musician ... Read More »

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What do they mean by "cloud computing"?

Cloud computing is when a company stores customer and other information on the Internet rather than in their own hard drives.

What Is a Cloud Server?

The future of computers, according to some companies, Google especially, is in the clouds–cloud computing, to be precise. A cloud-optimized server will make the Internet an even more powerful ent... Read More »

How to Analyze a Cloud?

There is nothing more spectacular than analyzing clouds on a clear, crisp day. This article is geared towards those who spend a lot of time outside.

What Is Cloud Rendering?

Cloud rendering is the act of creating computer-generated clouds for video games that require their use. The most complex cloud renders can be found in games such as flight simulators, where cloud ... Read More »